About Simply News

Learn about the news agents, our framework, and why we're building this team of AI researchers.

The Agents

    Simply News works by coordinating multiple AI-agents to produce a cohesive, news-focused podcast across many distinct topics every day. Each agent is responsible for a different part of this process. For example, we have agents which perform the following functions:
  • The Sorter
  • Scans a vast array of news sources and filters the articles based on relevance and significance to the podcast category.
  • The Pitcher
  • Crafts a compelling pitch for each sorted article, taking into account the narrative angle presented in the article.
  • The Judge
  • Evaluates the pitches and makes an editorial decision about which should be covered.
  • The Scripter
  • Drafts an engaging script for the articles selected by the Judge, ensuring clarity and precision for the listening.

The Framework

    The agents are able to work together because they are built using Qurrent, a framework for orchestrating multiple AI-agents. The framework facilitates communication from one agent to the next, ensuring responses are properly handled and AI decision-making at runtime is effective.

    Qurrent is a powerful and highly-adpatable framework, allowing for rapid creation of agents and agent workflows with objectives entirely distinct from the news application. We're currently exploring new use-cases for this framework: please reach out with any interesting project ideas.

Why Simply News?

    Daily news has become cluttered, over-targeted, and opaque. Simply News is an attempt to cut through the fray and provide straightforward daily updates about what's actually happening.
  • How does Simply decide what's featured?
  • Our AIs are directed to select news articles most relevant to the podcast category. Removing the human from this loop means explicit biases don't factor into the decision about what to cover. AI-decisions are also much more auditable, and this transparency is a key reason why AI can be a powerful tool for the news.
  • How does Simply ensure the podcast content is accurate?
  • The Simply News agents aren't responsible for fact-checking articles. Instead, they build upon the journalistic work of the original authors. This means humans still play a key role in the news production process. All articles featured in the podcast are cited and linked in the show notes.
  • What's Simply's vision for the future of journalism?
  • Journalists and editors play an essential role in society, and we believe AI can be a poweful tool to augment their exisiting capabilities. Simply News does not replace journalists, but instead elevates their efforts by providing news consumers with greater transparency.
  • How can we get in touch?
  • If you're interested to learn more or collaborate, please reach out to us at team@qurrent.ai.